A Portrait of Tom Izzo

Since I live in Michigan, and in March in the state of Michigan it is impossible to avoid Michigan State basketball, I'm sharing a few portraits I made of head basketball coach Tom Izzo for a USA Today Magazine cover. Because of his schedule we only had about 15 minutes to work together, but it was a good time. Tom was warm, easy to work with and very down to earth, and the PR team was smooth and frictionless with what I had to accomplish.

Cold cold beer.

Since I'm in Michigan, and Grand Rapids is Beer City USA, it's only appropriate that as the weather is cold and water freezes that large numbers of people should get together and drink beer. It's time for the Winter Beer Festival. 

While I was there doing a story for Rapid Growth, I noticed lots of people were coping with the bitter cold in a number of very fun ways. So I photographed a few of them. 

Happy beer drinking.