A Most Pleasant Person

Joan Hoffman is an absolutely wonderful, sweet, and conscientious woman. It makes so much sense that she would be a therapist, everyone needs someone in their life to care in the way that she does.

Our portrait session started in the studio for clean studio shots. Studio portraits are good for certain uses like avatars on LinkedIn and other social media. But we also really needed some portraits of her that were more reflective of her personality and her practice. These are the images that would allow her to show her clients the kind of person that she is, and what type of relationship they could expect with her. We wanted an outdoor shoot in nature, but the shoot wound up rescheduled three times because Spring and Michigan; every time the shoot was scheduled it wound up raining. 


We reached out the Fredrick Meijer Gardens because they an incredible community resource for photography. The shooting fees are modest for the ability to be able to shoot indoors in what feels like an outdoor environment.


Joan was touched nearly to tears by seeing photographs  of her that felt like they were meaningful reflections of who she is. As a portrait photographer, it’s a great feeling to build something in collaboration with a subject that resonates with them emotionally. We love to touch people positively in the work that we do.