Queen of the City

Hopefully you've heard of Lady Ace Boogie. After dropping her debut album only three years ago, she's already become a staple in the Grand Rapids music scene. Beginning in Ohio with gangster rap roots, her music has evolved-along with her character-into a more socially conscious and lyrically profound form of hip hop. If you still don't know who I'm talking about, crawl out from under the rock you've been living. 

Fueled by the frustration of being underestimated, she started to challenge herself in her music, forcing herself into a deeper, more vulnerable level in her lyrics. It seems others connected to her message, and she now boasts three Jammies. She's also expressed feeling cramped by the rap genre, which tends to label her as a "female rapper" rather than simply a rapper. To break out of that stigma, she introduced her singing voice on her tracks. Labels be defied.

Taking a stand on LGBTQ and POC issues not only in her music, she also co-founded LoveGR. It's a positive movement in response to a series of anti-gay billboards that sprung up across Grand Rapids. She's an activist in the community, working toward bringing a voice to minorities.

In life and in music, she is someone who does not let others define her. She's Lady Ace Boogie. Don't box her in.

Read more about Lady Ace Boogie on her website: https://www.ladyaceboogie.com/.