Passing on a Legacy

It's kind of surprising how many great fighters are from Grand Rapids. The entire Mayweather clan, the Tuckers, the Mathises. Who would've thought our little town was so good at breeding boxers? There's a family tie involved, a fatherly need to pass on one's own knowledge and love of the sport. To continue the legacy. "He comes from a fighting family" is a common phrase, a descriptor that denotes an athlete comes from a "special bloodline", born to box. Yet, an equally talented father-son duo is hard to find in boxing.

Such is not the case with the Buster Mathis legacy. While father fought Ali, Frazier, and qualified for the 1964 Olympics, son boasts a 21-2 record, a USBA heavyweight belt, and defeating Billups, Fortune, and Dixon. Now Buster owns the Bokssport gym, teaching boxing and nutrition coaching. His goal is to help others achieve self empowerment through boxing. He says it best on his website, "when life hits you, bring it to the ring".