B the Change

Over the years, the greed of businesses has created and magnified many problems in this world. So conversely, couldn't businesses provide the answers to such problems, using their powers for good before profit? "We envision a global economy that uses business as a force for good," begins the opening line in B Lab's mission statement. B Lab, a non profit organization that audits and certifies "B Corporations", is striving to create a community of businesses that seek to have a better impact on their environment. For a company to become a B Corp, it has to pass the 200 point impact assessment with a score of 80 or higher. The assessment covers a multitude of areas that measure how completely the company is doing what they say they're doing, including environmental sustainability, transparency, and legal accountability. It's incredibly thorough.

Last year, 616 Lofts became a B Corporation, joining the likes of Gazelle Sports, Brewery Vivant, and Cascade Engineering, among others. And while this status adds a lot of responsibility and motivation in becoming a better company, it all starts with knowing and understanding the surrounding community. Having a good impact on the community means preserving and enhancing the culture that already exists there. You can't know how to do that without first knowing the environment, the people, the need. This means getting involved, listening, joining neighborhood associations... It's an enormous amount of work on top of the already challenging workload of running a company. You have to be really dedicated to your mission and have the perseverance to maintain that focus. 

The 616 Lofts team was in the studio a couple weeks ago for new head shots and a group photo. I love hosting groups, particularly this one, because they have this fun energy that lightens the mood and radiates in the photos. I've shared a few below. Find out more about 616 Lofts on their website.