People Helping People: Chris Sanders

"Growing up, I was in a lot of tough situations. Whether it was being homeless or just needing somebody to talk to-wishing I had a mentor. Once I made it out of homelessness, I set out to find out who is homeless in our community and how I could help. I'm just one person. I don't have more time than others, but I know that I can help. It's like if you're walking and you see a hole in the ground, you can't just walk by. You know that if you don't cover that hole with a lid, somebody is going to fall through." -Chris Sanders

Chris Sanders is on the Operating Board of Family Promise of Grand Rapids, working to end homelessness in Grand Rapids by assisting families. Their program is designed to help families through each step of their journey to finding stable housing. Through volunteers and a vast network, they are able to provide emergency services, housing, mentoring, and donate furniture to families in need. 

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