People Helping People: Angie Hamlett

"People may have a below average income, but they still deserve to have affordable homes, and save money, and do things for their kids. I see families that work and work just to make ends meet. They get overlooked, and it's not fair. They come to us, and they don't have anything else. Their happiness keeps me going. I treat people how I want to be treated. I always give my very best. I never make promises, but I tell people that I will do all that I can-and that's what I do."         -Angie Hamlett

Their happiness keeps her going. That's why Angie Hamlett is the Education Manager at Inner City Christian Federation, an organization that helps low-mid income level families find affordable housing. They believe all people deserve safe, clean housing, and housing is a key factor in building up neighborhoods and communities.

ICCF provides services at three different levels of need: shelter, rental, and ownership. The Family Shelter is an emergency shelter for families in crisis who may stay there for free for up to one month. Staff work with the families to find the root of the problems that led to their homelessness and then provide support in solving the issues. They also own a number of high quality rental homes where families can stay at an affordable price, and they build or rebuild energy-efficient homes for families who are ready for home ownership. The goal is to help families find stable housing and become financially independent.

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