Josh McVety the Versatile

Artist, woodworker, designer, furniture maker, pencil mustacher, all-around fashionable dude...there are many ways to categorize the versatile Josh McVety. Fortunately for me, friend is one of the categories I put him under. Over the years, I've had the good fortune of being able to photograph some of his different talents-making projects in his workshop, drawing sketches, showcasing some of his finished furniture products, biking on the new bike lanes in downtown Grand Rapids (oh yeah, add bicycle enthusiast to the list). He's a walking montage of artistic know-how and eclectic taste.

McVety Design is Josh's self-started furniture design company where he builds custom-made furniture and lighting. Working in many different forms and mediums, including wood, metal, paint, printmaking, welding...he's more of an all-around arts and craftworker than someone who has a single specialty. And he won't name a favorite medium, either. His style tends to be a collaboration of opposing ideas, combining modern with natural, organic forms, traditional with cultural elements. Looking through his portfolio of works, there's no getting bored. 

Find some of his works here: and here: