Photographing Marjorie

Photographing Marjorie, we got into a mildly intense debate about feminism. She was pushing the reasons why we still need feminism, and I was going on about all the ways it's failed women (and men). I could see how passionate she was about the subject, becoming more animated, her voice getting louder as the conversation went into deeper, more difficult territory. I love having discussions like this, and it's something I really enjoy about being a photographer. Getting to know other people and what they're passionate about as I fool around with cameras and lighting and photographer stuff.

Being a writer and a creative person, Marjorie Steele is thoughtful and knows how to express herself well. It seems she was made for the marketing industry and has dabbled in almost every aspect of it-copywriting, search engine optimization, social media, creative directing, consulting... Now she's using her talent to help smallish businesses grow and hone their marketing strategies, also writing for various publications in her spare time.

I snapped photos throughout our entire debate. We ended the conversation on a sympathetic note, realizing the truth in each other's arguments and agreeing that the world is unfair and disappointing sometimes. Not the most uplifting conclusion, but a conclusion nonetheless. And the session made for some pretty great photos.

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