Designed to Live On

It took over 40 hours for Victor Sultana to build his first axe. He'd been refurbishing axes for friends, cleaning them, sharpening the edges, maybe attaching a new handle. Then after being coerced by a coworker, he began the seemingly never-ending process of setting up a work area and gathering materials to make his own axe. Never having done this before, he had to focus on one step at a time, researching to find what was needed, purchasing the materials, and then moving on to the next step, troubleshooting and figuring things out as he went along. It began with obtaining the wood for the handle. Luckily, a coworker had a contact in the lumber business, and an order of hickory was on its way without much trouble. Then he had to dry the wood, build the kiln, shape the handle, and finally create the axe, a process which took about six months to complete. Victor turned this passion for refurbishing and building axes into a business, Victor Axe + Tool, and now has an extensive product line available for purchase mostly online, but also in smaller quantities in shops throughout the U.S. and Canada.

The main drive behind Victor's business is his passion for creating tools that last for generations. There's something special about a tool passed down from grandfather to father to son (or daughter). It collects stories from its users and develops its own history. It's something very lacking in today's society where  products are built to become obsolete in a year. The throwaway culture is spreading from toys to furniture to phones, sacrificing quality and, in the end, wasting money. However, a counter-culture is forming, and Victor has found a community of craftworkers in Grand Rapids committed to building quality goods that last a lifetime. One of them, Jake Vroon of Harbinger Leather Design, now collaborates with Victor, expanding the product line to include gear such as canvas log totes, tool rolls, and tool duffels.

The latest product line from Victor Axe + Tool is the charcoal collection, all tools and gears finished completely in black and appropriately launched on Black Friday. Shop the collection or find out more about Victor Axe + Tool here