Bringing B2B Out of the Stone Age

Before Appropos entered the picture with a business-to-business wholesale retailer app, footwear companies were using software programs that looked like they were from the Stone Age. Business-to-customer programs are a different story-think of how easy it is to shop online. You can make a customer profile, create a wish list, receive product recommendations...simple and sleek. But the old, business wholesaling programs were far behind the times and downright frustrating to use. Remember when computer programs looked like this?

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 12.49.46 PM.png

That's how bad it was. 

Appropos identified the need for a streamlined software system, not only for wholesale retailers, but also for their sales reps and marketing departments. One system to manage all aspects of business-to-business interactions. So they created Envoy, an intuitive app that does just that. Tracking sales and inventory, managing and updating catalogs digitally, sorting material for specific clients' interests, all can be done using Envoy. Not only that, but the Appropos team will work with businesses to set up their system, troubleshoot, and continue updating and innovating their software. Their service helps clients make the most of their business.

Envoy was launched in 2013, and in one year it had 2,000 users. After one more year, it had 20,000 users. That's a 1,000% growth rate! Some of their major clients include Saucony, Wolverine Worldwide, Merrell, Converse, and Crocs, among others. They continue to update their software and create new software and services to help businesses grow their B2B transactions.