Offering Hope

Dr. Stephanie Williams is imported from Chicago by Spectrum Health and does things with lots of long medicine words. She's leading the adult blood and marrow transplant program with a focus on transplants for patients with lymphoma, leukemia, multiple myeloma and myelodysplastic syndrome.

All of these fancy words don't describe why she's on the cover of the Grand Rapids Magazine December issue. Dr. Williams is on the cover because she offers hope. The patients who come to her are incredibly sick, and she is their last option for hope. 

As our society moves forward with health care reforms, and we advance technology to find better outcomes, we remember most that it is patients who need help. People. And for so many, Dr. Williams is their last hope. 

In addition to being brilliant, she is also a warm and endearing individual. Time in the studio shooting the cover went by quickly with great conversation.

Welcome to the community Dr. Stephanie Williams. We are grateful to have you.