Shukri Bana, Champion of Change

It has come. Art Prize 7 is upon us, along with crowds of people, long wait lines and steep parking tickets. But aside from the fuss, Art Prize is becoming a way for people who represent a cause to make their voices heard. In light of this, I partnered with Heart of West Michigan United Way to create our own installment celebrating some of the people and organizations who work to improve our community. 

Shukri Bana is one such person and is one of the people featured in this exhibit. A student at Grand Valley State University and the Junior Board Member at the Grand Rapids Creative Youth Center, she is an enthusiastic person with a joy and passion for helping youth, promoting diversity and increasing literacy. At the CYC, she helps kids develop their writing skills and hone their creativity. She teaches them to bring their imaginations to life through art. 

The CYC's mission is to "prepare kids for life's adventures by supporting their writing and amplifying their voices". Their programs and workshops teach many different writing styles, build teamwork and even help kids become published authors. The CYC's programs are free for all youth enrolled in Grand Rapids Public Schools.

Stop by 118 Commerce SW to see Shukri and others featured in our exhibit (voting #62350), or read about them on the Champions of Change website.  Learn more about the Creative Youth Center on their website.