Arts in Motion

Delight Lester started Living Light Dance Company when a friend was having trouble finding an arts program for her child with down syndrome. At the time, there were no art programs in Grand Rapids specifically for children with limitations. Since then, Living Light has become part of Arts in Motion Studio, a non-profit organization, also founded by Lester, focusing on instruction in the creative arts for impaired people of all ages. 

Arts in Motion views the creative arts as an "...important means of self-expression and should be accessible to all individuals, without regard for physical or mental limitation." Classes for music, drama, dance and fine art are tailored to instruct those who are physically and mentally challenged, with a focus on creative expression rather than refining technique. These classes not only teach art but also help develop coordination, communication and other skills. Not to mention the many therapeutic benefits.

To make a donation, volunteer or read more about Arts in Motion, visit their website or Facebook page.