Soccer and Spirit

On July 5th, Grand Rapidians of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds gathered together to witness as the U.S. women's soccer team beat Japan 5-0 to take home the World Cup. Being behind the camera lens, my focus was more on the gathering than the game, and probably the only thing as interesting as the game was the people watching it.

It was hard not to feel a surge of pride and joy just watching the crowd. Flags waving, jumping up and down, cheering and shaking noisemakers-all happening in unison every time the U.S. scored a goal. And when the game ended and the U.S. was announced the winner, a spectator jumped on stage and waved the American flag as the crowd went wild. 

So for your entertainment, I put together a mash up of the most patriotic moments of game-watching. I don't know if there's any country that loves sports more than America. The proof is in the pictures.

*A special thanks to Downtown Grand Rapids Inc. for the opportunity to photograph.