Vintage Bikes

Summer is here, and with it the season to cycle. If you live in a cold-weather state, like Michigan, it's a magical time because the delightful weather only lasts for a little while before the chill returns. Michiganders don't hesitate to ditch their parkas and pump up their bike tires...even if it's only 50 degrees outside. 

In Grand Rapids is a group of people who take bicycling to old-fashioned and colorful places. With a pack of riders all on vintage bikes, it's a smorgasbord of color, chrome and style. Just looking at them induces a huge amount of bike envy and a yearning for simpler, sunnier times.

The Vintage Bicycle Club organizes casual group rides around town. The easy-going environment allows riders of all levels to enjoy the outing and each others' company. Many rides end at a local pub or tavern so the riders can relax and talk bikes. 

Let this group motivate you to put down the car keys and enjoy a nice ride while you can. It's June now, but we in Michigan know the cold weather is never too far away. 

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