Team Troll Takes on Parkinson's Disease

When Scott  VanderStelt found out his father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, he didn’t know much about the disease. He quickly delved into research to learn about it and came to the conclusion that something must be done. 

That’s when he started Team Troll, a bike group that rides to raise awareness and funds to fight Parkinson’s Disease. The “Troll” in Team Troll refers to Michiganders who live in the Lower Peninsula, below the bridge. It's a nickname Scott has frequently been called on his many hunting and fishing trips in the Upper Peninsula.

Team Troll partners with the Van Andel Institute, a non-profit that has made significant contributions to researching Parkinson’s. All the funds Team Troll raises by putting on events, racing for awareness and increasing sponsorship goes to the VAI. 

Team Troll has raised over $10,000 to research Parkinson’s Disease to date, but Scott dreams of a day when researchers will find a cure, and Team Troll can take on a new cause.

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