Brewed for Us

Expand west, it's your destiny! That's the plan for Founders Brewing Company as they finish their $40 million expansion. With new facilities additions, including cellars, brewhouse, storage space, and shipping and receiving areas, Founders is ready to introduce the western states to the All Day IPA. They hope to sell their most popular beer in every state, competing with Budweiser, Miller and other household names.

It seems there's no end to the craft beer business boom, and West Michigan is lucky to be in the center of it. Five years ago, Michigan had less than half the breweries it has now. Along with Founders, we have Bell's, New Holland, Hop Cat, Shorts, Dark Horse, to name a few. Anyone who moves out of state is sure to miss the beer options here. We have breweries like Chicago has Starbucks!

So what does this mean for Michigan? Big economy boost? More jobs? More drunks? More beer snobs? More tourists? Craft beer just might put Michigan back on the map in the same way the automobile industry did years ago.