Drinking for a Cause

Think drinking can only be for fun? What if you could drink for a cause? The Equity Drinks movement does just that with their bimonthly happy hour events. The repeated event is organized by various people connected to the movement and is open to anyone who'd like to join. The purpose is to "...advance equity in Grand Rapids, and it is a space for people who want to connect more deeply with others working to advance equity." Attendees meet at a different bar each time and discuss race, income, LGBTQ and gender equality issues. Conversations are mostly in an open format, but they also have conversation starters to get things rolling and introduce people to each other.

Equity Drinks got started when it became obvious there was a major disconnect between activists working toward the same goals. People would meet at formal events but had little interaction with each other. There was a real need for something to bring them together in an authentic way and foster stronger relationships. Equity Drinks provides a safe space for conversation and informal networking.

To learn more about the Equity Drinks movement or to join the conversation, follow their Facebook page.