More Than a Designer

Design is a weird combination of art and function. It's bringing in emotion, but also understanding practicality and manufacturing. Good design occurs in that blurred area between beauty and invention. West Michigan design companies understand this and look for people who push the envelope. People with a unique perspective. Each designer creates their own brand, and not one is like the rest. Each one needs to bring something different to the table.

Ken Krayer brings a lot of skills to the table. Teacher, designer, consultant, director, businessman...he wears many hats. Aside from his obvious talent for design, he also knows how to pass on his knowledge to others. He is an adjunct professor at Kendall College of Art and Design and spoke at the AIGA West Michigan Design Week. Acting as the Executive Director of Design West Michigan, connecting students to design companies to promote opportunities, he plays a key role in boosting the design industry in Grand Rapids. A role that is becoming increasingly important in keeping West Michigan at the center of design in America.